scope of supply

The company Havazy Spares (Europe) GmbH was founded January 2001 by Mr. Kai Meyer & Mr. Jens Meyer. Mr. Kai Meyer’s main focus is on the purchasing and sales side where as Mr. Jens Meyer’s activities are more on the administrative side.

Mr. kai Meyer is in this field for various years, initially he sailed on board of vessels on the North Sea. This experience allows him first hand knowledge about the needs and requirements of the vessel staff. After completing his University studies he was stationed as General Manager for a German Establishment in Singapore. Upon completing his contract and returning to his homeland he continued to optimize his service for all his clients.


The company of Havazy Spares has the experience in supporting Ship Owners as well as Management Companies to all their technical needs for the past years. Hereby Havazy Spares (Europe) GmbH is specialized mainly on European made products, but nevertheless would be able to source for worldwide equipment as well as servicing the clients in the Far East through. Hence Havazy Spares is specialized mainly on “smaller” ship owners as they have not the man power to source all around the world for their best prices and often pay too high prices for bad service from big companies.


Havazy Spares  assures your goodselves of the best attention and will do their best for the complete monitoring and arrangement on everything for our clients according to their individual establishment requirements, e.g. combine orders and dispatch of stores in their names with absolutely neutral basis, and of course directly to their vessels around the world by either most economical way (to save cost) or by speediest method if so urgently needed by the vessel staff.